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The Inner Work of Creative Practice

The Inner Work of Creative Practice

and a new shape of my Artist Residency and Fellowship Applications class

This nine minute snippet is a piece of a conversation with my dear friend Taylor Allie, LGPC (that means she’s a licensed therapist). When teaching live last month, I was reminded of the importance of the inner work. Of how all the work I did with my therapist the last few years has contributed to the development of my inner landscape which has enabled me to root deeper into my creative practice.

Ever the resource-queen, ever the teacher, I wanted to add an offering to the course that would support my students and community members in doing their inner work.

I can teach you how to write your artist bio or how to document your work for your portfolio. But I can’t develop your inner landscape for you.

The full hour long conversation is for now only available inside the container of the course, which you can learn more about and enroll in below.

Artist Residency and Fellowships Class

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A shot I took of the vineyards of Mas Palou when I participated in their 3rd Artist Residency in March 2024.

Introducing: Applications for Artists

This class will support you in developing clear and compelling language about your creative practice in order to receive resources, space, and time to create away from your day-to-day life and responsibilities so you can move closer to making the idea or image in your head exist in the world on the other side of hitting “submit.”

You’ll learn how to:

  • Find and keep track of residencies and fellowships you’re interested in, are working on applications for, or have submitted to

  • Write your artist bio

  • Write your project statement

  • Create your artist resume, portfolio, and website

  • Hit submit on an application you’re proud of

Because here’s the thing, knowing how to translate what you’re doing internally in and with your work into language that other people not only understand, but want to support is hard but essential to building a life as a working artist and I am going to teach you my system and process for doing just that.

I’ve participated in 5 residencies in the last 3 years, received 2 fellowships, and was just accepted to a top PhD program in my field. I understand how to produce an application that gets me what I want on the other side of clicking submit.

Now available in a self-paced container, the class contains all of the same material as the live sessions, but is more flexible. No enrollment limits or scheduling conflicts. Same clarity about your creative practice. ♥️

When you enroll, you’ll receive immediate access to a Member Area on my website that contains video overviews of the course material, a Notion workbook (think of it like your course textbook), access to the community’s Slack space, and access to a monthly office hours call with me and other members of the community (so you won’t be going it alone even though it’s a self-paced container).

The price of this offering is $150. Payment plans are available.

Somewhere off the coast of Athens, Greece ahead of Mudhouse’s 3rd Summer Residency Session. July 2024.

If you are an emerging artist that wants to step into taking your practice seriously, this is for you.

If you are an artist that wants support from a working writer and visual artist to write about your practice, this is for you.

If you want a system for putting together application materials so you don’t have to scramble and stress every time you see a cool opportunity, this is for you.

If you are an artist that wants more clarity and confidence around your work, this is for you.

Say goodbye to...

  • Seeing a cool opportunity that could be supportive for your creative practice, but not knowing how to apply for it/receive it

  • Feeling the stress of having to put together an application from scratch every time you see an opportunity you want to apply for

  • Confusion about the intentions behind your work, what your work is doing in the world, and what you want your work to do in the world

  • Feeling unable to communicate about your practice in ways that other people understand

Say hello to clarity about your creative practice.

Learn more and enroll here

If you have questions, check out the FAQ section on my website or respond to this email (low-key I think you can message me directly now in Substack too). I’m happy to support you in determining if this container is right for you right now.

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