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Ocular Proof: London

The first edition of Notes From A Trip To and a new dimension of my practice.

Ocular Proof is a video project documenting how I act on places and they act on me. It follows in the tradition of Black women travelers throughout history who journeyed across the globe, often returning to where they were from with "ocular proof” (Moving Home by Sandra Gunning) that was gathered via personal accounts of what they saw and experienced in various destinations.

For Ocular Proof: London, I offer you this…

you were the last place I went before everything happened.
i still had all of my hair the last time i was here.
you’re a place i come to when I need to get my bearings.
i’ve been every version of myself with you.

In a future note, I’ll share more about my process of creating videos, this new dimension of my practice, and how my Ocular Proof project connects to the thesis of my work.

For now, enjoy.

- Gabrielle

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Happy birthday Grandma Ione. I love you.
Notes From A Trip To
Notes From A Trip To
Gabrielle Ione Hickmon